Can i distort faces in a video using vsdc mask masking blur blurring

Video masking is irreplaceable and constantly used for more trivial tasks - such as blurring faces and objects, removing them from the scene entirely, adding reflections, coloring a particular part of the video, creating a "video playing inside of a text" effect, and even creating a "ghost look" - that's when a person looks half-transparent and you can see objects behind. In this video editing tutorial, we will learn how to blur/pixelate a face and track a moving face by creating a moving mask to track one or multiple people who need their identity concealed. Besides blur face in video, you can also add other special effects like Tilt Shift and Jump Cut at Beat to your video. We will also take a look at using pitch shifter and a couple high/low pass filters to garble and alter somebody’s voice to the point where it is unrecognizable. . Once you know how to implement it the process is a breeze, so read and we’ll help you learn how to blur objects in a video. And Wondershare Filmora9 can also meet your basic editing requirements including trim, crop, split videos and add text, effects, transition, intro/credit, sound, etc. To add your preferred blur efffect, simply drag its icon onto the video on the Timeline. Sometimes when you play a video using VLC Media Player, it might have a hardcoded logo or graphic in the media and you want to hide it from the view. As I mentioned to “Prakruti” in the comment below I will try to do an updated blog post on “parameter free” blue detection in the future. If that is the case, then you can easily blur out the logos using the logo erase feature available in VLC. Those logos might be distracting or reveal something that you do not want to. Check the tutorial below to see how to use the power tools to achieve these Effects quickly. Apart from blurring the face, the video also covers how to change the voice to give it a little extra anonymity, but be aware: At the very least the voice adjustment is just a pitch change, so it How to fix a vertical video with VSDC Free Video Editor; How to blur faces in a video using VSDC Free Video Editor: 2 methods to try; How to quickly add a watermark to a video using VSDC; How to quickly remove a watermark from a video using VSDC Free Video Editor; How to place two videos side by side for free with VSDC Video EditorBlurring a shot can also be useful for making the text more legible, for instance when introducing a title to your video and bringing the audience's attention to that instead. Yes, you can use machine learning to help improve the blur detection but keep in mind that the model will only perform well if the input data matches what it was trained on. You will see a collection of different blur filters. To apply a basic video blur effect, choose Blur – mild or Blur – intense depending on the amount of blur you want to add. To blur a video in the editor, first click the Filters tab and open the Blur category

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