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Vincent de Paul, 945 S. Current production capacity: 2,000 masks per day. To avoid hoarding and hurting businesses that desperately need masks, we are producing them at an offshore factory. COVID-19 has caused a global outbreak, affecting the lives of millions. We are ready and willing to donate healthcare professional quality face masks free of charge to organizations in need. All masks are being donated. Face Mask Donations. We appreciate your interest in supporting us! There is no universal direction on how to make masks. March 25, 2020. Bethesda Health | April 20, 2020. Face mask instructions. (Please Click Here For Donation Information) No Hoarding. Many of you contacted us about how a direct donation could be made since some of you already own these jackets or just don't need another jacket. With worldwide panic at an all time high, supplies are decreasing by the day, especially essential ones. Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) is now accepting homemade mask donations. …The masks are not for sale. From the 100 Million Mask Challenge at Providence St. . Bethesda is now accepting donations of homemade face masks to help supplement limited quantities of these items currently available from healthcare materials suppliers due to the COVID-19 public health crisis. Moses Dr. Edwin C. You can find instructions from these recommended sources. and Pound Cake Society, LLC apparel companies are stepping in to donate at cost washable and reusable fabric face masks. Joseph Health: A video donate masks HOW WE ARE HELPING DURING THE COVID 19 CRISIS Due to the worldwide shortage of disposable face masks, Los Angeles based Creative Visual Concepts, Inc. Low Prices. If you or someone you know is combatting COVID-19 on the front lines and needs face masks, please let us know. This is a tale of two face masks donations. You can also search the internet for local face mask donations near you. Thanks to you, we sold enough jackets to purchase 3 cases of N95 & KN95 Face Masks to be sent to various US hospitals for their heroic medical teams. 26/03/2020 · Starting Friday, those who wish to donate homemade face masks can drop off their donations at St. As part of an ongoing effort to help hospitals and medical staff, we will be donating 1 mask for every 10 units sold. The Chinese government donated thousands of medical masks to the Philippines amid a shortage of supply in the country, a week after a Philippines-based Donate Extra Face Masks! Home Services About News Contact Protecting our nation one mask at a time. Make sure that you find out how these groups prefer to receive your face masks, and maintain social distancing and smart Bethesda Needs Your Help with Face Masks Donations. Every day We Donate 1 Mask For Every 10 Sold! Donations. Our Goal

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