Hong kong taxation housing allowance

Forum for Expats Living in UK on Expat Exchange. REMUNERATION AND ALLOWANCES 3. Income that arises in or is derived from Hong Kong via employment, office or pension are subject to Hong Kong Salaries Tax. Amounts of Allowances. . WFA Calculator Examples to help you understand the WFA Scheme 2017 Survey for the Low-income Working Family Allowance (LIFA) Scheme – Survey Findings Application Documents & Leaflets Frequently asked questions Support Services for Ethnic Minorities The Hong Kong government announced a series of relief measures on Thursday that totalled than HK$19 billion, with policies targeting small and medium enterprises, students and low-income families. Under the Arrangement, the Hong Kong employee’s tax liability in China will not be triggered until after 183 days within any 12 months. Topic posted by splashcreate. No other expenses other than the rates paid by the owner,irrecoverable rent, and the 20% standard allowance can be deducted. University Housing Accommodation. Income and Asset Declaration, Housing Subsidy Policy and Policy on Safeguarding Rational Allocation of Public Housing Resources, Well-off Tenants Policies,Hong Kong Housing Authority and Housing Department4 The Hong Kong Inland Revenue Ordinance stipulates a flat rate of 20% on the assessable value (gross income less rates paid by the owners) as allowance deductible for repairs and outgoing expenses. 6 Meal Allowance 3. Before the implementation of the Arrangement, individuals from Hong Kong were limited to a 90-day tax-exemption period in the Mainland. 7 Traveling Allowance 3. 1 Salary 3. For employees, corporate housing may be considered taxable compensation, but it’s still a great perk. Chair Professor/Professor and professional services staff appointed on Band J on or after July 1, 2018 are given a reversible option between receiving a monthly Non-Accountable Cash Allowance (NCA) of HK$24,000 without time limit or a housing voucher of the same value to rent a unit of University accommodation at discounted rate, subject to availability of Hong Kong Tax. For employers, the cost of providing corporate housing can result in a substantial tax write-off. 3. 4 Housing Allowance Children’s Education Allowance3. 8 Special Duty in case of Emergency, During Typhoon or Black Rainstorm Warning Kowloon, Hong Kong SAR. UK Expat Forum: Housing allowance in UK, taxable income?. You just may have to pay taxes for the privilege. Corporate Housing Is Beneficial for Employees and Employers. Services rendered in Hong Kong for visits longer than 60 days in any fiscal year are subject to salaries tax, even if the individual is not ordinarily resident in Hong Kong. 5 3

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