Machobuck peds

Machobuck peds It was a five dog show that featured four champions, one of them being barracuda’s half brother ch600. First to go was cuda into ch. This breeding is nothing short of spectacular. This website does not, nor intends to violate the 1976 Animal Welfare Act. game bred with adba papers, for stud . The best pitbulls canines in the world. call 337-457-5810not for sale. This is the magic formula of 25% Buck 25% Hollingsworth and 50% redboy-Jocko. The best performing and producing dogs in history wrapped into one breeding. The best of the Mayday blood to the best of Machobuck over and over again. Thank you for your cooperation. elie x chinamen bloodline puppy back Rockford, Illinois » American Pitbull TerrierEli was the product of the breeding efforts of Floyd Boudreaux. Original working line pitbulls, which make great family and mans best friend. Comments: This is a first class breeding centered around a specific set of traits that Machobuck throws and Turbo has shown. Get todays best for less. Machobuck x Twinkie: Breeder: RBJBTKNLS & J. fatty. When Eli a 2xw was bred to Mr. G. Mr. We do not in anyway condone to animal cruelty or illegal activities. Gr Ch Machobuck, extremely lean and dry dog, champion in the ADBA ring and in the woods. Line breeding at it's best. Mayday and his siblings were all impressive and well built but Mayday always stood out. He put Mayday/Buck dog on the map!Machobear II X Haunchabuck: Breeder: RBJBTKNLS & Wes Comments: Repeat breeding . Fatty, a son of gr ch yellow, had the reputation of being an extremelly game dog, going over two hours twice . Boudreaux' Spook, another Blind Billy breed dog, the outcome was to change the sporting community forever. 55% Bass Tramp Redboy-Jocko, 25% Bolio-Tombstone, 20% Jeep-Rascal. He was heavily bred on Floyds all time favorite dog Blind Billy. MALES ONLYOld Carver Blood dogs for sale at a working mans price. . SOUTHERN KENNEL’S GR CH MAYDAY ROM. He was BIG, CONFIRMED, and fearless, He walked out of the van as a puppy after the long drive, barked, and marked my kennel as HIS territory right when he hit the ground. DRAMACIDE KENNELS, and it will redirect you to the new site, new dogs and updated breedings Machobuck peds
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