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Majoras mask why the moon had a face

Included with the game will be a full-on Skull Kid sculpture. I’ve only played through and beaten the game once, but every time I think about the Zelda series, I find this game to have a certain depth that the others lack. As you begin your quest to return to normal, you notice the moon, but it has a terrifying face. I've loved the Zelda series, it's puzzles and adventures, but would I like this? It looks so much fun, but is it? Am I simply entranced by the good graphic and epic plot? Yes, truly. 05/05/2009 · By his description, it is the same mask worn by the very monster that put the curse on you. A brilliant Zelda game. 28/04/2014 · So I'm about to blow your mind with some awesome reasons on why Majora's Mask is the best Zelda ever Or I'll just repeat the same shit everyone else does, but whatever. The day can also be set in the debug menu to Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. A strange premonition comes over you, and through hints and clues, you find out that the star will crash into the planet in three short days — better get moving. 30/04/2015 · I fancy the idea of getting it, because it looks like a 'different' kind of Zelda game. Majora's Mask records the days of the week that pass, with Day 1 being Sunday, Day 2 being Monday, Day 3 being Tuesday, and the New Day being Wednesday. Perhaps I didn’t see or understand it…Nintendo has gone all-in with the upcoming Legend of Zelda Majoras Mask 3D bundle. I'm going to do this anyways. -Reason Number One- Termina is way more mysterious of a …The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D review The direct sequel to Ocarina Of Time isn't as long, but every moment must be cherished as it's also close to a masterpieceHopefully they`ll release Majora`s Mask 3D as well! That would be SOOOOO good! I couldn`t imagine it not being on the 3DS! I think it would be PERFECTThe version of Majora's Mask included with the Japanese Zelda Collection disc for GameCube is quite peculiar in that it restores some of the visual and audio style choices of the original Japanese N64 version, but also adds many of the bug fixes and improvements from …06/02/2015 · I’ve been thinking about Majora’s Mask lately and what I believe it says about mental illness—specifically, depression

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