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Automatic cleaning; Kills 99. . It uses ozone technology to kill germs within 30 minutes. A lot of problems with normal equipment is that it takes a long time to clean and needs to be cleaned VirtuCLEAN by VirtuOx is a sleep cleaning machine that kills germs and bacteria in your sleep equipment in only 30minutes. Only $279 . 99% of germs and bacteria in only 30 minutes! Requires no soap, water, or cleaning solutions; Small and portable, weighs only 1/2 pound; Ultra quiet; Uses Ozone to disinfect; Battery life, 10 years; Charging time, 2 hours;VirtuCLEAN is a small, lightweight and portable CPAP sanitizer that uses ozone to kill 99. VirtuCLEAN Product Features. Sign In Create an Account; minicart And if we talk about Ozone CPAP cleaners, SoClean and VirtuClean are the two popular products which use Ozone as a disinfectant agent. Ozone, or commonly known as activated oxygen, is used to disinfect the tubing, mask, and …The VirtuCLEAN 2200 is a waterless automatic cleaner that doesn’t require any soap or other detergents. And it is not only about our bodies, but sleep is a big deal for our brains, too. User. Now, you might ask, “Is Soclean safe to use?” On its packing, it is clearly mentioned that one should not use CPAP agent for a long time. VirtuOx, the manufacturer of the VirtuCLEAN device, is a name you can trust as we are a 15 year-old US company that specializes in at-home diagnostics for sleep, respiratory, insomnia, and cardiac arrhythmia problems. If CPAP equipment is not getting cleaned regularly germs, bacteria and mold can formulate inside of the devices and make you sick. BUY NOW . Medicare approved, Independent Diagnostic Testing Facility (IDTF) that assists in the diagnosis and qualification of treatment options for Sleep Disorder Breathing and Respiratory Diseases in the home. Advanced Search . Search. Popular articles. Skip to Content. VirtuCLEAN is among the many CPAP cleaning devices that do not require the use of water and require minimum maintenance. Toggle Nav. Sign In Create an Account; minicart-wrapper Compare () Wishlist ; Sign In ; Compare () Create an Account (855) 708-2727. 99% or all germs and bacteria that are commonly found in CPAP Equipment. Virtuclean Lumin; Features: US efficacy lab tested UL approved components Uses ozone Portable/runs on battery Works while plugged in Large cleaning chamber Virtually silent Sealed to prevent ozone leaks No adapters or additional products needed Warranty offered Pricing: Financing availableVirtuox VirtuCLEAN 2. 17 th June, 2020 How Does Good Rest and Sleep Repair Your Mind Sleep is extremely important when it comes to repairing our bodies. 0 . 0 (855) 708-2727. The device pumps Ozone (activated oxygen) through the pieces to thoroughly clean your CPAP tubes, mask, or water chamber. VirtuCLEAN 2

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